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Hello fce,

It’s not too late to secure bakers and sponsors for the upcoming Cake Bake this week. Give me a call on my cell at 615-947-6398 if I can assist with contacting any past or newly interested sponsors/bakers.

Just as a reminder Pat Woods will be at the mansion Monday, February 11th from 11 AM to 2:30 PM to accept sponsorship forms and money. If you have some time, stop by the mansion on Monday and Tuesday and join in the fun as we prep for another great Cake Bake!


Tamera Adjei
Extension Agent
Family & Consumer Sciences
Montgomery County
1030 Cumberland Heights Rd Ste. A
Clarksville, TN 37040

Perfect 36, An American Musical - Information

As a continuing part of informing all Montgomery County and interested others in the upcoming 100th Anniversary of Women's Vote (and the creation of a local team of interested others that we call "2020 Vision"), I am sharing this exciting and cultural information with you and others so you might be in the loop of information and be able to share with others. See the PDF file below.
As we enter 2018 there is now officially only 2 years left until the 100th Year Celebration. he Mansion Players have been and will continue to be active in presenting a dramatic program on The History and Tennessee's part in giving women the right to vote.

Download or Read here.

TAFCE Connection Newsletter Sept 2016 read or download-click 2017 NAFCE Membership Form - download here WR Newsletter July 2016 read here TAFCE Western Region Newsletter April 2016 III

WHAT IS FCE: fce is a grassroots organization who are concerned with issues before they become leading social issues. Welcome to our network of women and men who are taking a stand for families who are determined to change their communities for the better and who are enriching their own lives and who are empowering others to reach the same dreams. Read More

The Agricultural Extension Service offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, religion, or veteran status and is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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Reading Information

BOOK MARK - Cluster Training > read more Cluster Training Documents > read more Leader's Guide for Cluster Training - Failure is Impossible > read more Leader's Guide for Cluster Training - The Perfect 36   > read more Focus on Security Food Safety in TN

NAFCE: "Empowered women build better lives through friendship, practical knowledge, leadership and advocacy. These qualities attract new members who join to become more caring and involved citizens. "2017 Membership Form".

The Great Hall

Mt. Everest - This is how things go on the way to the summit!
This is amazing . . . it's almost like being there and there's a 360 degree view from the top!

Family and Community Educators of Montogmery County, Clarksville, TN
What is F.C.E. ?

It is a group of people which meet regularly to share friendship, fellowship, and learning to improve the quality of family life. They share common concerns making life better for themselfs and their families.
For Information about a club in your Area call:
Montgomery County Extension Office
1030A Cumberland Heights Road
Clarksville, TN 37040 Tel: (931) 648-5725

Most Family and Community Education meetings and training sessionsmeet in the Smith-Trahern Mansion. For more information about the mansion, or if you would like to volunteer to work in the mansion call: (931)648-9998

F.C.E. Creed

As Family and Community Educators of the United States we will strive to promote a better way of life for all through fellowship, continuing education and service; to provide guidance in our homes and communities for the uniting of people to make the world a better place in
which to live.
May we have pride in our roles as peacemakers and may our hearts be filled with joy as we serve. Let us always be concious of the needs of others and be strenghtened

by the "Divine Light" that guides us all.
Mrs. Jean Beard Kestner Tallahassee, FL
Family and Community Education is in Partnership with the
University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service.

Work is done with Family and Community Educators, Child Care Providers Entrepeneurs and the Smith/Trahern Life Skills Center. We seek researched solutions and deliberate understanding for community issues. Montgomery/County is an active part of a District, State, and National Association Country Woman of the World

The Agricultural Extension Service offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, religion, or veteran status and is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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