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Good News!
The Smith Trahern Trees of Christmas
planning is underway.
We are looking for the good news way down in our hearts and in our homes with a vision toward they year 2020. Contact Barbara Beeman (931-801-0822) mamabee@twotzus or Martha Pile (931-648-8476) mmpile@utk.edu and let us help you and answer further questions.

If you are interested in creating a tree for this event you might just need this
EXTRA EXTRA Read All About It information below.

Answer the Question: "What is Black and White and Red all Over?" This answer might help you further develop the theme of "Heart of the Home "2020 Vision"...Example "Santa coming down a dirty chimney" and if that is your room you might just go to the Red and White or the Santa Room. It you say a newspaper then there will be a special room for your tree too.
Upstairs overall theme will be the 2020 Vision this year and will offer tea parties, manners sessions, informational history on Teddy Roosevelt and why the Teddy Bear got so popular during his presidency. We also want to include his stand on Women's Suffrage. These ideas would be great trees. We will have a giant Teddy Bear with top hat and an opportunity to have tea with Mrs. Roosevelt.'
Down stairs we will have a red heart room, white room, black and white room, red and black room, the Santa room and our Master Gardner Team will make Great News on the outside. There are also book shelves, mantels and other nooks and crannies to be decorated. Hope to hear from those interested in making this years event something to read about.
Interested in a group tour the Trees of Christmas, contact Barbara Beeman. The Mansion will be open Monday through Friday from 9:30 and closed at 2:30 with a $2 fee for adults and free for children. Open House will be the first Sunday in December from 2-5 p.m. with entertainment and refreshments.

Martha M. Pile
UT Extension Volunteer and
Retired Extension Agent
PR/Tourism Chairman Smith Trahern Mansion
2020 Vision Co-Chair to Celebrate Women's Vote

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