Here is what you need to write HTML:

Word processor (such as Word, WordPerfect), text tool (Notepad on the PC, TeachText on the Mac) or an HTML editor--there are many different Editors but Coffee Cup has the best prices.
You will also need a FTP tool (File Transfer Protocol)to upload and download your  HTML and Images to your Web Site account and at the Coffee Cup website you will find an array of programs for your Web Page creations once you learned how to create a Web Page in Notepad.
But before you buy a Program that makes your creations speedier play with Notepad first to see if you really would like to create Web Pages.
Winzip quickly zip (compress) your files which is a definite win-win for your and your recipient. You both will save a significant amount of storage space on your PC or device allowing you room for other important files.

If you are new to creating web sites open your Notepad on your computer and play with the instructions I give you. Once you are familiar with the interface of it all you are ready to use any program of your choice.
All the images and pages go into the same Folder.