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Designing Web Pages and the  Graphics that come with the Design I create. I also offer som FREE web sets in HTML and in RSD (responsive web design) The latter are still in the making, so check back often to see all the new sets coming soon. 

If I design a Web Site for you I will not be held responsible for photos, images or any other content that you supply to add to your site because of possible copyright infringement.

What does that mean:

Copyright on the web seems to be a difficult concept for some people to understand. But it's really simple: If you did not write or create the article, graphic, or data that you found, then you need permission from the owner before you can copy it. Remember, when you use someone's graphic, HTML, or text without permission, you are stealing, and they can take action against you.


Creating Graphics of different nature in jpg, png and gif format

Video Taping

Videos of different events i.e. Weddings and other occasions. Screen recordings for tutorials and creating menu’s to use in videos.


Photos taken of Weddings, Quinceanera and other events. I also do photo retouching and use photos in my Web Design and other Projects. Here is a look @ my Photo Gallery
A sample of manipulating Photos.
A little Halloween Fairy. I cleaned the background and set her in on of my flowers photos I photographed in the garden.

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Are you ready for a Solar Project. 
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