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I love designing Web Pages, Graphics for it and I also take photos and videos. Occasionally I do get a job taken photos for event like Weddings,  Parties and other occasions. If you are in need of a photo shoot or take a video get a Quote!  Check out The Photo Gallery to see some of my work View

If I design a Web Site for you I will not be held responsible for photos, images or any other content that you supply to add to your site because of possible copyright infringement.

What does that mean:

Copyright on the web seems to be a difficult concept for some people to understand. But it's really simple: If you did not write or create the article, graphic, or data that you found, then you need permission from the owner before you can copy it. Remember, when you use someone's graphic, HTML, or text without permission, you are stealing, and they can take action against you.

Are you ready for a Solar Project? Here you can watch some videos and get the info you need:

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My Certificates of Completion

A Few Tutorial videos I created. 


Below are some photos I shot and then cleaned the childrens background and inserted them into a Flower that I photographed in my Garden

Placeholder Image
Placeholder Image
Placeholder Image
Placeholder Image

If you have some pictures of your children I could set them into a background likethe ones you see or a photo of your choice for a price.
Or do you have a Photo that needs retouching? 
Get a Quote!!!    webmaster@renate-designs.us