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A collection what you need to set up your Solar Project and links to companies selling Solar Products

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There are 2 types of solar setups

On the Grid

Is mostly done by a company fed directly into your electrical system and can be very costly from $ 20, 000 to $30, 000 charged by a company.
Great if you have the money.
But if the power goes out so are you also without power.

Off the Grid

Requires you to have:
Batteries, a Battery Container (to house your Batteries), Cables, Cable connectors, Charge controllers (to regulate the incoming of electricity) Inverters (to change the incoming DC to AC electricity), a Breaker Box, Fuses, Solar Panels
Or a prewired system
The system could be a 12-volt 0r a 24-volt depending on your need.
If you would like to start an off grid system the best thing would be to start with a whole setup of a 12 volt system.
There are many different sizing of Systems depending on your pocketbook. Or you could purchase everything separate which is not cheaper.
If you start with a smaller system you can always add and build up as money allows.

You also need to pay attention to where the sunny spot is in your yard or any other location you will set up your panels (where is the most sunlight coming down)

How to Easily Calculate the Conversion of Volts and a photo of a simple Setup

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Controller-Breaker Box
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Breaker Box
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Morningstar TriStar TS60 
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Batteries in Parallel
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Several Sites that sell Solar Products:

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