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There are 2 types of solar setups

  1. On the Grid
  2. Off the Grid

The on the Grid

Is mostly done by a company fed directly into your electrical system and can be very costly from $ 20, 000 to $30, 000 charged by a company.
Great if you have the money.
But if the power goes out so are you also without power.

The off the Grid

Requires you to have: Batteries, a Battery Container (to house your Batteries),  Cables, Cable connectors,  Charge controllers (to regulate the incoming of electricity)   Inverters (to change the incoming DC to AC electricity) Fuses Solar Pannels
Or a prewired system  you can get @
The system could be a 12volt 0r a 24 volt depending on your need.
If you would like to start a off grid system the best thing would be to start with a whole setup of a 12 volt system available @
There are many different sizing of Systems depending on your pocket book. Or you could purchase everything separate which is really not cheaper.
If you start with a smaller system you can always add and build up as money allows. has a lot of solar stuff available also.
On the bottom of this page you will find several links to solar videos and stores selling everything Solar.

A Watts to Amp calculator, always helpful when learning


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